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We help local businesses and organizations reach their target customer and event audience by sharing their eye-catching video message and brand alongside the news, around town and online. Because our local news is relevant and features people, places and topics that are recognized and important to locals, both our stories and your advertising message get noticed.

‍Ads, sponsorships, and sponsored spotlight stories are shown on our proprietary out-of-home digital networks, newsletters, websites, social media,YouTube and podcasts. Video ads run 8-12 times daily (240 times monthly) in each advertising venue, including digital displays around town and our websites. 
Our quality, local news – created for locals by locals – is supported by local and regional advertising.

We keep advertising dollars circulating locally and make it easy and effective for businesses and organizations to market their products, services, and events.  At least 75 percent of your advertising dollars are reinvested in local markets to produce and distribute news. 

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