Laurie Sigillito


Chief Executive Officer

After a successful career in technology and management, Laurie opened the Durango FASTSIGNS® in 2009. In 2013, she purchased DurangoTV. Laurie was the Colorado State Competition winner with her 2018 Business Plan for starting a visual communications company. She was also awarded Entrepreneur for the year award in 2020 by Durango Chamber of Commerce and FASTSIGNS Award her their prodigious FASTSIGNS Franchisee of the year in 2015.

Bert Carder


Chief Operating Officer

Bert has previously started 4 businesses in the Online Travel, Cloud Based Management Software, Business Consulting, and Professional Beauty sectors. Before co-founding LNN, he worked as both the Durango Territory Manager for SpotOn Transact, an enterprise-level software company out of San Francisco helping retailers engage their customers instore, as well as Head of Sales across Asia for Ksubaka, the world’s first in-store interactive advertising network being used by over 16 global brands.

Nathan Morris


Chief Technology Officer

Nathan is an experienced entrepreneur and technology architect, skilled in software development, product development, web design, networking, internet security, search engine optimization (SEO) and Content Management Systems (CMS). He is a strong engineering professional with degrees in Mathematics, Philosophy, and Geography. Nathan has decades of experience in software architect and systems design, and has deep experience building and optimizing publishing management systems for the News industry.

Matt Crossett


Production Supervisor

Matt Crossett is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and television director. He spent years as a production manager and producer in Los Angeles working in reality tv, big-budget films, music videos, and AAA title video games. In addition to his entertainment career, Matt has served on a number of non-profit boards including Skijoring America and the Four Corners Film Office. He is responsible for developing and managing the best production and post practices. Additionally he is tasked with growing distribution and monetization of stories.

Deborah Uroda


News Producer

After an award-winning journalism career, she joined Laurie in 2013 to launch Durango TV and blended her knowledge of journalism and public relations to build a proven process for creating short video news stories that are relevant to the community and have in-depth reporting. As NEWS Producer of LNN, she trains journalists how to transition from a print-based writer to a video journalist, how to find relevant and important stories in their community, and how to write stories using the LNN VideoScript Template™.

Wendy Graham Settle


News Anchor

Wendy is the Local News Network Anchor and has been presenting Durango’s local news for the last 3 years. She is our credible, trustworthy face who informs and educates the community. In her spare time, she travels nationally and internationally to share her passion for leading dance and enjoys water sports with her tripod pug, Percy Harvin.

Alex Wilson


Video Editor

Alex joined LNN in 2018, after attending Colorado State University. He changed his career path and taught himself editing. Alex has a gift for shooting footage and building short videos that are interesting to watch and incorporate titles so they can be viewed with or without sound. As Video Editor for LNN, he is responsible for creating video templates that make it easier for our editors to produce branded NEWS Stories with a production value greater than most TV stations news stories.