About the Local NEWS Network

"Local NEWS, created by locals, delivered locally, and supported by local advertisers."

Company Summary

The Local NEWS Network has created a scalable local news platform, licensed to local affiliates who use our tools to profitably bring local news to their towns and provide an effective marketing platform for local businesses to reach locals, keeping more local advertising dollars in their community.


Local NEWS outlets have been dying for two decades as advertisers fled to digital (online/mobile) taking $85B in local Ad and classified dollars with them, creating over 2,000 "NEWS DESERTS” across the USA.

This leaves residents with limited access to local news that matters to their town and leaves local businesses frustrated as they have fewer advertising channels to effectively reach locals who can buy their products.


Map of American "News Deserts"
Map of American "News Deserts"

Over 1,600 cities in the USA are located in these new deserts and have no local daily news reporting, leaving these towns to rely on outdated or national divisive news broadcasting.


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