About the Local NEWS Network

"Local NEWS, created by locals, delivered locally, and supported by local advertisers."

Company Summary

The Local NEWS Network has created a proprietary digital platform to produce and distribute local NEWS programming in small towns across the USA, those with limited or no access to local NEWS because their local TV, Radio, Newspaper has been purchased and syndicated or gone out of business.

Management Team

The co-founders are Laurie Sigillito, a visionary entrepreneur who acquired a media company in 2013 and developed the LNN business model and Bert Carder, a serial entrepreneur with sales and software background who has founded 4 companies and sold 2. They are joined by Nathan Morris (CTO) who brings decades of experience building, deploying and managing technology in the News industry, and Deborah Uroda, an award winning journalist and co-developer of the LNN news format.

news problem

Map of American "News Deserts"
Map of American "News Deserts"

Local Newsrooms have been shrinking for two decades, as advertising revenue shifted to online and mobile channels, creating "NEWS DESERTS” in 2,000 counties. Locals now have limited access to quality local news that matters to their community, having devastating effects to these communities.

target market

There are 2,000 counties in USA with little or no local daily news reporting. We are target small towns with the following characteristics:

1) Have an urbanized population of at least 5,000, but less than 50,000

2) Have an economic strength rating of 250+ by policom.com

3) Have no daily newspaper outlet


We are contacting the following individuals and businesses, as potential licensees.

  • Local News and Magazine Publishers
  • Community Television Stations
  • Former Publishers/Journalists/Salesman
  • City Chambers
  • Local Retail Associations

We are looking for people and businesses that have a passion for their community and could immediately benefit from LNN coming to their community.


Our key competitors:

  • Traditional local newspapers and TV stations that still remaining in these small towns for proximity and local channel distribution. BUT with their decimated news rooms and excessive use of national, sensational, breaking news content they continue to fade away.
  • Online media giants (Google/Facebook) for digital distribution and the local news aggregator APPs (Smart News, News Break, Newsy, etc.) BUT they have NO local news content and a visibility/adoption problem.

Competitive Advantage

Local NEWS Network has these advantages:

  1. Original local news content
  2. 80% lower content costs than traditional media
  3. Fixed distribution costs
  4. Guaranteed exposure everyday in our towns

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