By Joe LananeLMA Contributor


Creative broadcast news solution Local News Network fills void in small news deserts

When news outlets disappear from the community, it doesn’t just impact the readers who lose access to information. It also represents one less opportunity for local businesses to connect with potential customers directly.

The Local News Network offers a new business model to help small and rural news deserts regain momentum. The broadcast outlet produces individual news stories that air at various video displays across each market. The stories are packaged with local business advertisements, which LNN produces, or advertisers provide.

LNN started in 2018 in Durango, Colorado, and has since expanded to include three other Southwest Colorado towns: Telluride, Montezuma and Pagosa Springs. The company is also in the process of expanding to Farmington, New Mexico, said CEO Laurie Sigillito, who leads a team of seven part-and-full-time employees.

**** About Local NEWS Network The Local NEWS Network has launched a profitable business model for bringing local news that matters to small towns across the USA, one which creates original local news in short-form video format and then delivers it directly to the town using a network of digital displays in high traffic retail locations.

The executive leadership team includes co- founders, Laurie Sigillito (CEO) and Bert Carder (COO), Deborah Uroda (News Director), and Nathan Morris (CTO). To learn more, visit 

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