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Date: Sept 30, 2020
Contact: Deborah Uroda, News Director
Local NEWS Network (LNN)
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Durango, CO - Bert Carder, the COO of Local NEWS Network (LNN) recently contributed his thoughts to Startup Colorado on the challenges and business opportunities ahead with bringing back local news to small towns across the USA.

It’s no news that local news has been dying in slow motion for two decades. Successive technological and economic assaults have destroyed the for-profit business model that sustained local journalism for two centuries. Since 2005, more than one-fourth of the country’s newspapers have disappeared and half of the journalists let go, leaving residents in thousands of communities – inner-city neighborhoods, suburban towns and rural communities – in vast news deserts.

“Local public media stations are like public libraries and local museums in that they preserve culture, educate and engage in order to build understanding on important issues that are expensive or difficult to cover.” -Poynter Institute Survey Respondents-

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**** About Local NEWS Network The Local NEWS Network has launched a profitable business model for bringing local news that matters to small towns across the USA, one which creates original local news in short-form video format and then delivers it directly to the town using a network of digital displays in high traffic retail locations.

The executive leadership team includes co- founders, Laurie Sigillito (CEO) and Bert Carder (COO), Deborah Uroda (News Director), and Nathan Morris (CTO). To learn more, visit 

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